Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video for Your Site

When starting your online business, you are concerned more about having great traffic on your website and also achieving a high conversion rate. Well, you cannot have this if you don’t invest in marketing your business using the many marketing strategies available. While most are effective, only a few entrepreneurs know about explainer videos and their effectiveness. Research shows that an explainer video can raise a sites conversion rate up to 20%. This is a significant figure which you need not ignore. So if you are planning to create an explainer video for your business, it is vital that you have at hand few tips that will enable you to come up with a killer video that will work wonders, other than just having an extra piece of junk in your site. Here are some tips from professionals.

1.    Identify Your Audience

It’s essential to know your target audience in depth. Understanding them will let you create a video that is perfectly tailored to them and which will generate a strong bond between them and your story. Let them feel that the video was meant specifically for them. This way they will be comfortable staying on your site and in turn make purchases

2.    Have a Perfect Script for the Video

This is where you need to tell your story 200 words a minute. Have it simple to read and understand and also use short sentences, each carrying weighty information about the business. Up t0 90% of visitors in a site watches vides, and in most cases, they rely on the information on the video to make their next decision, whether to exit or make a purchase. If you have a compelling video, they will most likely appear in various video channels like YouTube and get distributed in multiple blogs and social media platforms. Therefore ensure your script is topnotch and more importantly have a professional jot down the script.

3.    Ensure You Insist On the Benefits

Any animated marketing video needs to only focus on the positive side of your products and services. Explain to your customers what they stand to benefit by choosing your products and services. You don’t necessarily have to include the features of your products, as this you will talk about later. Only be clear on the benefits so that your prospective buyers can understand how you will improve their lives, as this is what brought them to your site in the first place.

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