Tips for Creating a Perfect Script for an Explainer Video

When people decide to take their businesses online, they do so believing that here, they will tap a broader market and in turn make rooftop sales.  Having a website or a blog is the first step when you want to do business here efficiently. You can have one but still not be able to earn a dime if you fail to market your products and services. While sharing what you do on the social media and embarking on serious SEO will do, using explainer videos on your site have proven to influence up to 20% conversion. This makes it critical if you want to make profits and give your competitors here a ran for their money.

When creating a video, one first has to start with its script. Having a perfect script will ensure that the video becomes a hit, not a miss, and will drive traffic as you have never seen before. Therefore having several tips at hand for writing a killer script is inevitable; otherwise, you’d end up adding a non-effective video on your blog. Here are a few tips to consider;

1.    Your Script Should Follow a Classic Script Structure

It’s the primary structure that is also followed in Hollywood. The arrangement ensures the script is as engaging as it should be. It should have an introduction, the body section, and a conclusion. However, you need to rework your explainer video. It should have the aspect of “the what, how and why.” You should explain what problem your product or services will take care of, how the product will solve the identified problem, and then why your audience should only choose you and not your competitors.

2.    Make the script Short

Despite the length of the script depending on your audience, it has always been imperative to make it short. While an audience in an offline conference hall only endures for 8 minutes before starting to doze off, an online one switches off after a paltry two minutes. Therefore you need to make your script short yet compelling to win their concentration.

3.    The message should Within the First Few Seconds

The message of the video should be reduced to a single sentence. This sentence should be put across within the first few seconds of your explainer video, say before the 30th second of the script. With this, your audience will know what to pay attention to in the whole video.

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