Types of Explainer Videos

Everybody loves videos. They are good for entertainment. However, business people see them more than just an entertainment tool; they have found an ideal use of videos, on their websites, as explainer videos. They have realized that these videos are a powerful marketing tool for their sites and overall businesses. Right now everyone is using this tool as a secret arsenal against their competitors. While there is a myriad of explainer video styles that an entrepreneur can choose from, it is paramount that you select the perfect one that will fit your business.

1.    Graphic Animation Explainer Video

This one is considered a highly engaging technique which brings the motion to graphics. These videos utilize the graphic elements other than the normal videos where photos are used to explain a specific idea through movement.

If you are dealing with a product or service that is a lot more complicated than usual, then you are the best fit for these types of explainer videos. They are said to be a lot more appealing, therefore suites most startups because they are used to explain complex ideas, yet they are very easy to the visitor’s eye. Sometimes they can be combined with a cartoon character that enhances their impactful effect. They have a strong impact on the visitor and are considered a gold mine capable of attracting crazy traffic to the site.

2.    The 2D animated Explainer Videos

They are mostly considered as traditional animation; this involves the creation of characters, storyboards and also the backgrounds in a 2D environment. They are affordable when compared with their 3D animation counterparts. Depending on your business fabric, you may need to combine both the 2D and 3D animation when extra detail is required. When using such kind of animation explainer video, it is vital that you are using it strategically, so that you do not harm some topics that call for a human touch in your website.

These are very suitable for startups as well, despite their cost. Also, B2B and B2C businesses like using them as they are appealing to many types of target persona.

3.    3D Animation Explainer Video

3D animations are where objects are animated in a 3D space. Such objects can be rotated or moved just like real objects. This type of animation is essential when showing products which are still in development or those which are almost impossible to film in live action.

The 3D animation explainer video is effective for established businesses where cost is out of the question. Most B2B and B2C businesses love using them because they are very appealing to the customer.

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