How to Utilize Explainer Videos for Increased Sales

Explainer videos not only aim at creating brand awareness and that of the product or services being sold, but they are also used to market and call consumers to action on the purchase of goods and services. Videos as a sole entity cannot adequately fulfill the needs of the brand when not fully utilized it is essential that an explainer video is explored maximally to attain the ultimate desired results. Here is how to utilize your explainer videos for effective conversion of audiences to consumers.

Use Different Types of Explainer Videos

Using a variety of explainer videos ensure that the consumers are met and addressed using various methodologies each with a different objective. Animated video for instance best deal with explaining how the product or service works whereas the live action explainer videos main goal is to show consumers how to interact with the product or service being offered. Using the different types of explainer videos is a highly effective way of conveying information about product or service and in converting the target audience into actual consumers. Variety of videos increase the confidence of consumers in the product or service, the first video to the last should capture and maintain the attention of the consumer with an ultimate aim of converting them to buyers

Placement of the Video

The explainer video should be placed strategically on the website, and that’s on the landing page of the website. It should help express the brand, and it’s valued adequately providing information that will intrigue the consumer and give them a nudge towards checking out the website more and the products or services being sold and how they work. In turn, they will purchase products and services being offered or at least referring the website to persons who have been searching for a product or service that you are offering.

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Customer Generated Content

 Giving your customers a chance to pitch or submit their own explainer videos is an effective tool to increase traffic to the website and the purchase of goods. Testimonials given through explainer videos by actual consumers of the brand influence the credibility of the brand. Most important to note is that consumer-generated content will attract a larger following for the brand especially when known personalities with a large following are used. Visibility of the brand is enhanced from the target audience point of view and improves the quality of explainer videos being generated by the brand.

Tutorials and Tips

 Offer invaluable information on the brand and the tips on how to use them in multiple explainer videos each tackling an important tip for the alternative use of the product or what other products the brand is offering that work hand in hand with that being sold at the moment. Chances that consumers will keep checking your website and watching your tutorial videos increase rates of sales since relatable information about the product has been offered to make it easier for the consumer to understand what they are buying and how effective it is in solving their problems.

Share Button

 Including a share button on, the website for the explainer videos expands the reach of the video finding more people interested in the product or service being offered since information shared by a friend or someone they know is more trusted and so is the product or service.

An increased sale of any product or service is highly dependent on the branding and marketing, and explainer videos are a vital tool in disseminating information with a high probability of converting viewers to buyers.

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